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        • Blood Widow

        • Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

        • Empire State

        • Lucy

        • She's Dating The Gangster

        Latest News

        Towering over and around the human characters of the tornado disaster film “Into the Storm” is its intimidating main character—the storm itself.

        Paramount Pictures has just revealed the main poster art of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” showing our titular heroes jumping off a towering blast:

        Filipino wrestling champion-turned-actor Dave Bautista takes on the role of Drax in Marvel's “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

        Meet the four lead characters of Warner Bros.' upcoming action-adventure, “Mad Max: Fury Road” in their own individual posters!

        "Lucy is discovering life, but she's going to discover it the hard way," says producer Virginie Besson-Silla.

        Producer Guillermo Del Torro and director Jorge Gutierrez push the boundaries of animation in the upcoming “The Book of Life.”

        Youth, glamour, sex, and surveillance is depicted in "The Canyons," starring Lindsay Lohan.

        DreamWorks Animation and 20th Century Fox reel out the latest "Penguins of Madagascar” clip! Watch it here!

        Japanese superstars Hiro Mizushima and Ayame Gouriki star as the ideal master-servant duo in "Black Butler."

        Watch the new international trailer of “If I Stay" here!

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